Wedding Day Prep

The 5 Steps of Wedding Day Prep

The 5 steps of wedding day prep are important for both the Bride and the Artist.  We need your help to make you look totally amazing.  


Preparing For Your Wedding Day Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry

Your skin will go through the wringer in the lead up to your wedding.  Even if you don’t normally break out in pimples, there is a chance that you will because of the stress you are under to get everything perfect.   

Firstly try not to stress too much.  No one besides you will know if everything doesn’t go perfectly.  Just do the best you can do and then enjoy your day.  

Water, Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry

As much as  you dislike water, (drink soda water with a squeeze of lemon if you’re anything like me) it is very important for our bodies.  

Our skin is the largest organ in our body but is actually the last to be fed.  You do need at least 1.5litres of water a day to keep it in top condition.  

I know a thing or two about skin as I am also a Diploma qualified Beauty Therapist.  So if you are local to me and have any beauty treatments you want done, shout out.  


Facial waxing

No matter how careful your therapist is with their waxing technique, waxing by it’s very nature does remove the very top layer of skin.   Please also ensure that should you be on any sort of medication that you tell your therapist.  Some of them can thin the skin. 

Waxing Burns

There are however, therapists out there that aren’t as good as some.  I have seen some brides with red welts on their lids where they have been burnt.  

It is for this reason that I suggest all waxing (on the face at least) be done no closer to the wedding than one week out. 

Lash Lifts!!

Lash Lift, Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry

As part of your wedding day prep, a lash lift is absolutely essential , in my opinion.  Together with a lash tint it can transform your lashes amazingly.  

I have come across a lot of brides who say their lashes aren’t long enough to do this, who are absolutely blown away with the result.  

A well done lash lift will last 8 – 12 weeks and you can do anything you can do with your own lashes, including swimming whilst on your honeymoon. 

There is no upkeep, and no refills, unlike lash extensions.  Just imagine these with a set of strip lashes on your wedding day. 


We all want beautiful hair on our wedding day but don’t realise the difference a good shampoo can make.  

If you have been using a silicone based shampoo now is the time to change.  The silicone coats the hair shaft and doesn’t allow the styling products to penetrate, hence your curls will fall out quickly. 

Wedding Day Prep

Having clean and dry hair is imperative. 

As part of your wedding day prep, for your hair styling it would also be helpful if you could put a good handful of mousse through your hair before you blow dry it.  

To ensure that the curl holds, please DO NOT use a straightening iron on your hair after you’ve washed it.  


Bridal Makeup, Wedding Makeup,

Yay, at long last your big day has arrived.  I will be arriving shortly to ensure you look your absolute best for the ceremony and into the reception.   

On the morning, as part of your wedding day prep, please cleanse your face as you normally would.  Use your normal skin care and relax.  

I will prep your skin so it is in optimum condition for the airbrush makeup.  This makeup will take you right through your day. 

Should there be tears throughout the day, please dab and don’t rub.  I will go over this with you on the morning, but I find my brides are too excited and therefore don’t necessarily take it all in.  

The last bit of advice, which is not entirely wedding day prep, is to enjoy your day.  By the time we have gotten to this time, there is nothing more that you can do as far as arrangements is concerned.  It will be what it will be.  Nobody will know and certainly nobody will judge.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.