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Airbrush Makeup -
Why It's No 1 For Brides

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is the makeup of choice at Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry.
There are a couple of reasons why we prefer airbrush makeup and we will tell you why.
1. The main reason is hygiene!
2. Longevity
3. Flawless finish

Let’s look at these reasons individually.


Makeup brushes if not kept scrupulously clean can harbour all sorts of nasties. 

They can harbour skin cells from the previous client. They will obviously have makeup residue and if it has been a bit between jobs, all of those things may even have gone rancid.

This is why we love airbrush. 

The brushes themselves are made of stainless steel, a product impervious to bacterial growth.

The makeup itself comes in a liquid form and is dispensed into the airbrush by inbuilt dropper, ensuring that there is absolutely no double dipping of makeup.

Flawless finish!

An important reason for loving this fantastic medium.

Think of airbrush makeup as a spray tan for your face.  It is applied by the same technique but in miniature.

If you are flustered from having too much to do, having a fine mist of cool makeup spray on your face can be very relaxing.

The makeup is sprayed in such a fine mist that you will look as it you have been photoshopped in real life.

And your photographer will love you and us.  We will save them so much work editing your photos.

Airbrush Makeup Longevity

A very important reason for choosing to invest in airbrush makeup for us.

Your wedding day is a very hectic day, as much as that is really not what we want our wedding days to be.

It is also a long day. Most bridal makeup is on for somewhere between 12 and 18 hours.

The weather can be very unbecoming, hot, humid, and or even raining.

All this can lead to your makeup not holding up as much as we would like. But not airbrush makeup.

We have had brides tell us that they have gone to breakfast the next morning with their makeup still intact.

Quality of Product

We use Temptu Professional Airbrush Makeup. 

 It is a silicone based water resistant makeup.

Therefore, should you have tears on your big day as long as you dab and don’t rub your makeup will come through the winner.