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Mother of the Groom Makeup Tips

The mother of the groom  is an important part of the bridal preparations.  I often hear that she feel left out.  

She is normally at her own home, fussing around over her son, your future husband.  This does not mean that she should be forgotten. 

If it is not possible for her to join the girls of the bridal party, then  the mother of the groom should have her own artist at a location she feels comfortable at.  

Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Do : Plan a Pre-Wedding Preview

Makeup previews aren’t just for the bride.  In fact I prefer to do them for the mums as well.  

Having a plan in advance will help calm everyone’s nerves on the day, especially if you are considering makeup which you aren’t used to like airbrush makeup.   And why wouldn’t you? 

This will give you the opportunity to try anything and everything without any pressure.  

Do : Enhance Your Eyelashes

Speaking of lashes, please consider having us apply them on the wedding day, and therefore trying them at your preview. 

Even if you are a lucky duck and have amazing lashes, a few individual sets will make all the difference. 

Your eyes will pop in photos, which is especially important if you wear glasses.  

Do : Trust Your Makeup Artist

Open discussion with your makeup artist is important. 

Have a look at the artists website to ensure that work she does is in line with what you envisage.  

While you definitely should make it known what you do and don’t want, allow her some space to do her job.  

A good artist will get feedback from you during the service,  at which time if there is something you don’t like, speak up.  

It is a lot easier to adjust anything you don’t like during these little feedback times than it is to rectify something major at the end of the job.  

Don't : Get Forced Out of Your Comfort Zone

Trusting your artist is one thing, but being coerced into makeup you just don’t feel comfortable with is another thing all together.  

You need to feel comfortable with the end result.  If you aren’t it will show in the photos.  And, hopefully, they will be around for a long time.  

Don't : Be Afraid to Speak Up

Mum’s are often quiet in the chair.  This does not mean that you should be railroaded into something you don’t want. 

If you have a specific look in mind let the artist know.  Take inspiration photos with you, so the artist has a better idea of what you want.  

Remember, it is easier to fix something small along the way than to try and fix something major at the end.