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A Smiling Bride is a Happy Bride !!

No matter how often you do bridal makeup you are always a little nervous about doing an amazing job for them.  

All sorts of pressures come to the surface on your wedding day.  


You worry about how your makeup is going to hold up. 

You worry about your dress will fit, even though you tried it on just 3 days ago. 

You worry your flowers will arrive on time. 

You worry the photographer won’t call and say they have had an accident on the way. 

A Smiling Bride is a Happy Bride!

A lot of these stresses come across to the makeup artist so there is nothing better than to see the smile on the brides face. 

It confirms that you have understood the discussions you have had with the bride.  And also confirms that you have put that discussion into practise.   

Then when you get photo’s from their photographer, and the bride is absolutely smiling from ear to ear you know that the choices were absolutely right.  

A Smiling Bride Is A Happy Bride, Mobile Hair And Makeup Artist Melbourne, Witchmount Receptions

Is your Makeup Going to Last?

When you use Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry for makeup for yourself and your bridal party you can be assured that it will last. 

We specialise in airbrush makeup which has amazing lasting qualities

It is sprayed onto your face in such a fine mist that it looks like your face has been photoshopped in real life.  

How does airbrush makeup work?

Have you ever had a spray tan?  Well airbrush makeup is just like a spray tan for your face except that is foundation that doesn’t change colour. 

We use two different brands of airbrush makeup. 

The first one is Temptu.  It comes in 2 different formulas which can give you many and varied finishes.  When I say varied finishes, I mean the two formulas can be mixed in various ratios to get the differing finishes.  

They are both silicone based products which is amazing for the skin.  It is also cruelty free and vegan.  

It is the product I would suggest for most brides.  It is a water resistant product, so those tears won’t ruin your makeup.  


The second one is Kett.   Kett is a water based product.  It is cruelty free but will only give you a matt finish.